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MOTD Play.AlphaCs.Ro [1.16.5]
Statut server Online
Jucatori 2/69
Minecraft Version 1.16.4
Adresa web
Înregistrat de BlitzGamer_88
Înregistrat la March 29th, 2019 07:12 AM EST
Ultimul update April 30th, 2021 01:45 PM EST
Temă Other
Tag-uri BungeeCord Jobs Land Claim OneBlock Paper PvP Survival Vanilla War


Uptime 100%
Rank 1577
Score 100%

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Play.AlphaCs.Ro is a Minecraft server with the main focus being the latest minecraft versions with some added features like backpacks, lands and others.

Currently we have 2 game modes running: Survival and OneBlock.

- Survival is what you'd expect it to be: a survival multiplayer with some other features added like:
➜ auctionhouses, backpacks,daily rewards, jobs, lands, randomteleport, shops, trade

- OneBlock is a derivation of skyblock but you start with one block on your island. You keep breaking the block and it will respawn giving you different resources. After some amount of blocks broken you level up and go to another phase which will give you different types of blocks, mobs and chests from breaking that oneblock. The server has some other custom stuff like:
➜ auctionhouses, backpacks, daily rewards, shops, trade and some other cool stuff coming soon

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